Guided tour & extravirgin olive oil tasting in Masseria

It often happens that a visitor asks us which tools to use to understand whether what he has in the kitchen is a quality oil or not, distinguishing between virgin and extra virgin. You can't imagine their amazement to discover that no laboratory is needed. Mother Nature has already provided us with all the necessary tools: nose and palate! You just need to know what to look for inside a glass of oil, some curiosity and a little bit of training.
For this reason, in Masseria Pezze Galere we organize guided tours and extravirgin olive oil tastings. A little awareness of what we put on our plates everyday is the best souvenir to bring back home when returning home from Puglia!
 For our commitment in spreading EVOO culture, we've been awarded with 2024 Special Prize for Oil & Tourism by Gambero Rosso, the most important italian publisher about food.

Olive oils speak. It's easy to listen if you know how to.

Take a walk in our secular olive tree grove and join our Masseria extravirgin olive oil tastings. You will learn about:

  • Culture of olive trees in Apulia
  • Olive cultivars and biodiversity
  • Product categories in olive oils and how to distinguish them by tasting
  • What extravirgin means and how it is made
  • Qualities and defects in olive oils
  • Food and olive oil pairing

Duration: approx 1 hour and a half

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